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Engines & Componenets

This is our inventory of engines and spare parts, we have various components like blocks, crankshafts, heads, pistons, liners, con-rods.

if you can find what you require please email us sales@unitedparts.co.uk as we may be able to source it for you


Caterpillar 7W5217 Cylinder Head Cat 3114

Caterpillar 3114 Cylinder Head 7W5217

A used cylinder head with valves to fit a Caterpillar 3114 engine


Caterpillar 2002052 Cylinder Block

used Caterpillar engine block

part number 200-2052 from a C12 engine



Caterpillar 3208 long block engine

Caterpillar 3208 long block

for spares or repairs

includes block, 2 x heads & crankshaft