final drive

Final Drives & Axles & U/C

This is our inventory of Final drives, Componenets, Axle and Undercarriage parts

We stock a variety of axle and final drive parts for various models

if you can find what you require please email us as we may be able to source it for you


Caterpillar 375L Recoil Assem7Y0857

Caterpillar 7Y0857 Recoil

Caterpillar 375L recoil assem part no 7Y0857

good used take off


Caterpillar 943 Final Drive

Caterpillar 943 Final Drive

final drive to fit a Cat 943 - good used

Fiat Hitachi

Fiat Hitachi FH130-3 recoil spring assem

Fiat Hitachi FH130-3 Recoil spring assem
used recoil spring assem from a FH130-3 

Liebherr 932 Idler & Recoil assem

Liebherr 932 Idler & Recoil assem

from a non Litronic 932 excavator


Liebherr digger excavator final drive 944349003

Liebherr 902 Final drive 944349003

Fat 350/032  350P32

good used opened & inspected